You Don’t Need A High Priced Ad Agency To Compete With Fortune 500 Corporations Anymore!

At Media Ad Group, our distribution on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube along with other media outlets reach 10’s of Thousands daily.

Our Network specializes in producing video commercials, digital content creation, lead generation sites, and Social Media management.

The Digital Transformation is Here!

It has created a revolution in business, industry, and daily life.

The Digital Transformation allows you to make your own path today.

Whether you are an individual with a passion, a small business looking to grow, or a big corporation looking to expand,

Maybe We Can Help YOU Make Your OWN BIG BREAK!

What Makes Us An Authority?

We Produce and Distribute the “Cooking With Kade” Show and Product Line

If we can get a 9-year-old making a simple

hamburger video on YouTube

to a spot on Masterchef Jr (Season 4),

from exposure on Social Media.

Maybe we can do the same for you!

Kade’s first show was in April 2014, now he does commercials, appearances and has his own line of “Cooking With Kade” seasonings.

If You Are Having Trouble With Online Conversions, 

Some Products/Services Require A Different Angle!

Online Marketing

has become a Process

for many types of


It All Starts With


We’re the Marketing Force behind our own

Network of Brands.

MAG Marketing Network

MAG Marketing Network provides turnkey marketing solutions that can be scaled on demand.  Check out BizKITS.


SocialMAX is our main Social Media promotional Brand.  Collectively, we have over 100,000 followers.

Cajun TV Network

CTVN is our platform to bring Louisiana Food and Fun to the world! It is also home to our “Cooking With Kade” food show.

MAG Media Factory

Save money on DIGITAL Media!  We have our own graphic designers, video editors, and script writers.

Better Lifestyle Network

BLN is a Lifestyle Network where you can get educated on Health & Wellness from certified experts. Now in development.

Cooking With Kade

Kade has appeared on National TV that all stemmed with a simple hamburger video on YouTube at 9 years old. 

Disaster Help Network

Disaster Help Network is our platform to Help Victims connect with products and professional services.


VIRTWork is our own in-house Virtual Assistant solution for small business. We’ll help take care of your office tasks.

MAG Equipment Buyers

We are developing a platform where buyers of big-ticket items can view live video from a handheld device.


Our Top 4 Twitter Profiles





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