Basic Program For Food Service  


Our Basic Program is designed for the small business operator entering the market. We provide an affordable co-op program to get your product(s) exposure under our established social media profile. 

Basic Program – $599 initial start up fee with a $199 monthly fee thereafter to manage social media and ad campaigns, handling costs, affiliate networks, and social media advertising. This also  includes a cooking demonstration with “Cooking With Kade”  featuring one of your products.

To participate in the Basic program, 2 cases of your product(s), of various choices, will be needed so that we may use these product(s) in our marketing campaign. Our Marketing team will use your product(s) to sell at  discounted prices, place it in our Cajun Food Club for exposure (if approved), use for sample demonstrations, use for event promotions, use in giveaways, and placed on our online media demonstrations and reviews.

Basic Program requirements: (Pending Approval)

The Basic Program requires an initial $599.00 start up fee and a $199.00 a month thereafter participation cost.  The startup fee will be used for general expenses, including video production, marketing campaigns, advertising, retail setup, and promotional giveaways.

The Basic Program includes:

  • An episode of “Cooking With Kade” featuring your product using optimization in our search results, with a closed caption transcript file attached to the episode.
  • Your product will be featured on our various random social media platforms for 30 days including Facebook and YouTube.
  • We will setup a shopping cart on Cajun TV Network, featuring your product(s) (Max: 20 items) with 24 samples of your products with retail packaging.
  • If approved, we will include one of your products in the Cajun Food Club, as one of the premier choices of the 8 selections.
  • We will produce a video for you using your product from our creative team.
  • We will distribute your product(s) to our various affiliates in other markets throughout the United States, including New York City.


Upon approval:

  • 24 units of each product(s) (Dry Goods Only) will be required and shipped to our fulfillment center in Morgan City, LA to begin the marketing campaign featuring your product(s). 2 cases of the 3 case minimum of each product(s) sent, will be allocated to our fulfillment center so that we may keep product(s) in inventory and use in our promotional campaigns.
  • Case lots are paid to you in advance and are to be dropped shipped from your location and must include free shipping.
  • If one of your product(s) does not qualify for the Cajun Food Club affiliate program, we will not purchase that product(s) to send out to our various affiliates, or use in any of our promotional campaigns.
  • We do require 2 cases of your product on consignment to save on shipping cost for customers.


Note: We will begin filming your product video when your product is received. Please understand this process takes approximately 30 days to produce.


  • We will use 1 of your products featured on an unscripted single camera video production of “Cooking With Kade”.  
  • Random ongoing marketing campaigns on our social media profiles as a part of the group is also included.



  • Random social media mentions on our established profiles of 100K+ social media profiles
  • Random social media mentions using our affiliate social media profiles.
  • Our fulfillment center ships and handles your product(s)
  • Discounted offer codes to entice consumers in trying your product(s).



  • Unlimited online shopping cart development for your product line.
  • Branded marketing campaigns specific to your product(s).
  • Rotating banner placement on Cajun TV Network website with an option to advertise using our affiliate websites (with approval).




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