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Our affordable video production, on/offline community marketing programs and employee education tutorials is a perfect fit for any type of media, marketing or consulting company to boost revenues, keep clients engaged in your operation, develop a larger customer base and can be implemented immediately.

After 3 years of product development, market testing and updates, we are ready to offer a turnkey marketing solution that can be implemented tomorrow without risking time and money. What sets us apart from everyone else in the marketing arena is that we also provide educational videos for businesses to educate employees. 

We offer packages to fit any size organization or we can develop customized a package to meet specific needs. What would take hundreds of hours and cost a small fortune to develop can now be offered to your clients immediately (including affordable video productions) without the conventional start-up, administrative or support issues. 

And the Best Part, Our Programs Generate Recurring Revenues! 

The MAG Network is a perfect fit for adding on/offline exposure for your clients, revisiting accounts with new offers,


  • TV/Radio Stations
  • Outdoor Billboard Companies
  • Ad Agencies
  • Publishers
  • Advertising/Marketing Firms
  • Community Development Leaders
  • Aggressive Entrepreneurs seeking A Turn-Key Business Opportunity in Sales/Marketing/Consulting.

MAG Marketing Network not only offers affordable HD Video Productions, turnkey ad campaigns and employee education tutorials to any size business. We also promote digital presentations on Search Engines, Social Media broadcast, Blogs, Local Hotel marketing campaigns, “Save Money and Entertainment” Directories with QR Codes that provide Video On Demand (QR Codes linked to video) and on our Digital Signage Broadcasting Network. We are open to non-compete, exclusive marketing arrangements with certain business sectors in specific marketing territories.

We are seeking Affiliates/Media Partners to work with as part of the Team. 


  • TV Stations can now offer additional exposure of a client’s commercial spot to include on/offline marketing campaigns (Social Media, Search Engines, Blogs, Hotel Guest Marketing Campaigns, Indoor Digital Signage Network as well as QR Codes directed to video for Print Publications).
  • Radio spots can be used for voice overs converted to Video Presentations for on/offline marketing campaigns.
  • Add a section to Print Publications that will give readers an option to scan a QR Code and watch a short video presentation with a call to action (incentive offers).
  • Freelance with your firm to assist/add exposure to your present marketing campaigns.
  • Aggressive Entrepreneurs/Marketing Consultants with insight of modern marketing techniques to resell our programs/services to local businesses, Industrial and Corporate accounts through Direct Sales and Chamber/Rotary Club events.

In addition to providing clients with established social media profiles to increase their online exposure immediately, we can also provide full administrative services for posting their content.

MAG Training Network

We Convert HDTV’s into Digital Signage For Training/Marketing/Revenues

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We generate a dedicated station for each establishment that can broadcast any type of multimedia content on a standard HDTV using a WIFI connection. The content can be training for employees before the doors open for business, then converts to in-house marketing content when the establishment opens.  All of this is performed on a schedule just like your local TV station. We also allow the exchange of content for our members that give them free marketing exposure on other screens in their local network along with recurring revenue from outside advertisers.

As business owners ourselves, we know first-hand there is a huge market for a cost saving employee training solution in every industry. We are seeking partners/affiliates to engage in our operations and share recurring revenues just for presenting our product to new and existing clients.

Our online network will present training tutorials to employees/students on HDTV’s with a dedicated HDMI media player and a simple WIFI connection (for group presentations), PC’s, as well as handheld devices (tablets, smartphones). 

What makes our platform beneficial to any size organization is that our program can deliver a test (digitally) to each employee/student before the next tutorial can be viewed.

The optional test can be scored with a passing threshold dictated by management automatically or manually. Upon passing the course a certificate of completion is sent to management as well as the student.

We can utilize an expert on their staff or outsource certified instructors depending on your customer’s needs.

MAG will assist to evaluate specific needs for a complete training series at no obligation to the customer.

Our LinkedIn profile can be reviewed here

If you are interested in increasing your net revenues, marketing reach and generating new accounts with NO start-up cost, risk or hiring additional staff, get in touch with us today.

contact us at: 985-518-1388 or info (at) mediaadgroup (dot) com 

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