Industrial Video Productions and Marketing


Video Demonstrations, Product Launches, Safety/Training, Employee Education Tutorials, Marketing

Search Engine/Video Marketing for Industrial Applications..Starting at $99 Month* includes Social Media Broadcasting.

* Pricing depends on keyword phrase and areas to Target

Examples Below

“Automotive Emission Detection””Automotive Vacuum Leak Detector”

Automotive search

“Roadside Service Morgan City” “Roadside Assistance Morgan City”

Truck Repair

Starting at $499 for Simulated Video (Static images/Stock Video Footage converted to a video)  

On-Site Video Productions starting at $899, both include editing your 150 Word Script, Editing, Branding, Contact Info (professional studio quality voice-over, background music, special effects 120 sec max)  *Travel Rates May Apply


On-Site Industrial Video Productions $125 hr 

Stand-by/Travel rate $75 hr or $2.50 per Mile.  

3D Drawings Rendered into Video Presentations..$150 hr

See example below

On-Site Safety, Training, Marketing, Educational Video Series

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Safety/Training, Education, Marketing Videos For Your Operations


[svpGlobalVideo v=13]

 Emission Leak Detector Demonstration


[svpGlobalVideo v=14]

Skid Loader Attachment Demonstration 


[svpGlobalVideo v=15]

3D 77′ Push Boat Tutorial



Video Tutorials Specific To Your Operation


As business owners ourselves, we know first-hand of the issues with employee training in today’s marketplace.

Our online network can present training to employees on regular HDTV’s and a WIFI connection (for group presentations), PC’s, as well as handheld devices (tablets, smartphones). 

What makes our platform beneficial to any size organization is that our program will deliver a test (digitally) to each viewer before the next tutorial can be viewed.

Test can be scored with a passing threshold dictated by management automatically or manually. Upon passing the course a certificate of completion is sent to management as well as the student/employee.

We can utilize an expert on your staff or outsource certified instructors depending on your requirements.

Contact us and we’ll evaluate your specific needs for a complete training series at your location without obligation.


info (at) mediaadgroup (dot) com or call 985-518-1388

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