Mass Media Marketing Co-op Programs


Cajun TV Network has developed a new media cooperative program to expose your specific product(s) with a unique marketing program (using approved vendors only). The business model is based on providing your product(s) to a variety of online digital platform watchers (YouTube, SWIG, VEMO, etc.), marketers, and publishers. This exposure will help develop sales for your business as an affiliate with Cajun TV Network.  

We provide your products to our affiliate network of foodies, chefs and unique publishers. They in turn will promote your products with custom videos featuring your products on their cooking shows, and we then promote the show on our established Social Media profiles…A win for all!

Today’s consumer is inundated with offers at every turn no matter what they are interested in.  We will help them take action on YOUR product over your competitors with real world product demonstrations, special offers and randomly add your product as an “extra” in the Cajun Food Club Box.

Requirements to participate

2 Levels of Brand Promotion

A 4 case minimum of your product(s) will be needed for this program so our marketing team can sell your product at a discounted price, place it in our Cajun Food Club for exposure, use for sample demonstrations, place in our event promotions, use in giveaways, as well as in online media demonstrations and reviews.

Some product(s) that are approved may be included in the Cajun Food Club as part of the 8 selections the consumer gets to choose from, adding additional exposure to your product(s).

Level-1 $599 monthly fee to manage social media campaigns, shipping cost, admin affiliate network, manage ad campaigns which includes cooking demonstrations with “Cooking With Kade”/:Cajun In The City” as well as by our affiliates.

Level-2 (Premium) $1199 monthly fee – All of the Level 1 activity with “Cooking With Kade” and Cajun Ken/ ”Cajun in The City” both using your product outside of a professional cooking set, plus YOUR product has a presence on a premium network show “Cajun in the City” broadcast to over 2,000,000 households in the New York City and surrounding areas.

Cajun Ken is also the restaurant and food writer for Times Square Chronicles newspaper in NYC. where he writes a food column and recipe articles each month.  Readership is over 1 million monthly online and in print. He can review/ use products and offer product placements.


  • “Cooking with Kade” as a spokesperson of your product with an option to be on “Cajun in the City” TV Show
  • 100K+ Social Media advertising with FaceBook Promotional Ads Campaigns for the Cajun Food Club.
  • Cooking demonstrations on Youtube throughout our network of foodies & chefs
  • Your products (that meet our requirements) are featured in our auto ship Cajun Food Club
  • Massive exposure of your brand other than your products and a co-op fee
  • Premium Level Members will get random mentions on major food publications




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