Title Sponsor Program


 Our Title Sponsor Program is designed for established brands.  


Title Sponsor Program – $2,500 initial start up fee with a $5500 monthly fee thereafter to manage social media and ad campaigns, handling costs, affiliate networks, and social media advertising. This also includes cooking demonstrations with “Cooking With Kade” as well as “Cajun in the City”, and other affiliates of Cajun TV Network.

Title Sponsor Program requirements: (Pending Approval)

The Title Sponsor Program requires an initial $2,500.00 start up fee and a $5500.00 a month thereafter participation cost with a 1-year agreement.  The start up fee will be used for general expenses, product video production, marketing campaigns, advertising, retail setup, and promotional giveaways.

The Title Sponsor Program includes:

  1. An episode of “Cooking With Kade”, filmed every 30 days, featuring your product using optimization in our search results, with a closed caption transcript file attached to the episode.
  2. Your product featured on “Cajun in the City”, a New York based Southern cooking show currently on 4 networks in New York City with a viewership of over 2,000,000.
  3. A review of your product(s) will also be placed in a New York newspaper, Times Square Chronicle.
  4. Your product(s) will also be featured on the Cajun in The City website, as well as online social media managed by Cajun in the City.
  5. Your product(s) will be featured on our various social media platforms each month including our Facebook and YouTube channel.
  6. We will setup an online shopping cart featuring your product(s) in our Cajun TV Network store, featuring up to 20 of your items with 24 samples of your products with retail packaging.
  7. If approved, we will include your product(s) in the “Cajun Food Club” as one of the premier choices of the 8 selections that consumers can order.
  8. We will produce a video for you using your product(s) from our creative team.
  9. We will distribute your product(s) to our various affiliates in other markets throughout the United States, including New York City with “Cajun in the City”.
  10. Your product(s) will be used in live demonstrations featuring “Cooking with Kade” and “Cajun in the City”.

Upon approval:

To participate in “The Title Sponsor Program”, 6 cases of your product(s), of various choices, will be needed to begin the marketing process.  We will use these product(s) in our marketing campaign allowing our marketing team to use your product(s) to sell at discounted prices, place it in our Cajun Food Club for exposure (if approved), use for sample demonstrations, use for event promotions, use in giveaways, and place in our online media demonstrations and reviews.

After the 6 case minimum of your product(s) is received at our fulfillment center in Morgan City, LA, we will use 24 units of each product(s) (dry goods only) sent to begin the marketing campaign featuring your product(s). 3 cases of the 6 case minimum of each product(s) sent will be allocated to our fulfillment center so that we may keep the product(s) in inventory and use as necessary for our marketing campaign.

Case lots are paid to you in advance and are to be dropped shipped from your location and must include free shipping.

If one your product(s) does not qualify for the Cajun Food Club affiliate program, we will not purchase that product(s) to send out to our various affiliates or use in any of our promotional campaigns.

We do require 3 cases of your product on consignment to save on shipping cost for customers.

Note: Upon receiving your product(s) for your promotional video, we will begin filming your product video. Please understand this process takes approximately 30 days to produce.


Wholesale pricing for online orders, 10% brokerage fee for wholesale/ retail accounts we generate.


We will use 1 of your products featured on an unscripted licensed video production of “Cooking With Kade” and “Cajun in the City” (you may use the licensing agreement on any of your marketing campaigns) including random ongoing marketing campaigns using social media profiles as a part of the group.


  • “Cooking with Kade” as a spokesperson of your product as well as “Cajun in the City” TV show.
  • We will use our 100K+ subscribers of our Social Media networks to advertise your product(s).
  • Cooking demonstrations using our online media outlets as well as our affiliates of chefs and cooks.
  • Your product(s) (that meet our requirements) are featured in our auto ship Cajun Food Club.
  • Massive exposure of your brand other than your product(s).
  • Unlimited shopping cart development featuring all your products.
  • 12 month minimum agreement.



  • Regular commission schedule of the selling price.
  • Special promotions for overstocked or slow moving products.
  • Add your products to our Cajun Food Club auto ship packages as free promotional products for members to try (our choice).
  • Main Sponsor on Cajun TV Network and Cajun In The City
  • Your Brand is featured on the Cajun In The City TV show
  • New product review by Cooking With Kade every 30 days
  • Your branding on every Cooking With Kade video


Sponsorship recognition on Cajun TV Network/Cajun In The City

  • Presence throughout the website
  • Rotating Banner with Special Offer Codes
  • Direct mentions on our Social Media campaigns as well as Cajun In The City’s SM profiles 7 days a week


(4) Twitter accounts tweeted daily promoting your brand (3 post daily on each profile plus random retweets/favs of your post)


Pinterest Develop a board for your brand with engaging content we generate

  • 5000+ Pinterest followers instantly on a board for your brand plus other related boards on our MAG business account


Facebook Pages

  • Save Money Houma 3026 likes
  • Discountbomb 2677 likes
  • Cajun TV Network 2467 likes
  • Cajun In The City 1113 likes
  • $300 a month is allocated for Promotional Campaigns on Facebook and Google for promoting the videos featuring your product .
  • Personal FB page with 3750 friends


YouTube Video Indexing

Closed Captioning is implemented on all of Cajun TV Network video uploads and are indexed for ranking on search results.



Online Marketing is Powered By Our Own Parent Company

“MAG Marketing Network”

Online Presence…..

Pinterest: 4400+ Followers 110+ Boards

Facebook: Multiple Pages with over 10,000 Connections

Twitter Followers: 75,000+ on established Profiles

YouTube: Multiple Business Channels with over 1000 Top Ten Search Results

LinkedIn: 6000+ Connections linked to over 20,900,000 Business Professionals with over 800 Endorsements

Plus Blogger, Google Plus and MORE!



Additional Marketing for the Title Sponsorship Program is Powered By

“Cajun in the City”

in association with Justin Wilson Holdings Inc. and Pentloft Studios LLC



  • Sponsor ad(s) on one network using 13 episodes of Cajun in the City with an option to place ads on multiple networks with a voiceover ad, reaching over 2 million+ viewers.
  • Multiple networks to choose from in the New York City area.
  • Cajun in the City will be airing on a global TV network reaching over 180 countries.
  • Website and social media blast about product each week.
  • Website links to your websites on all social media platforms.
  • Your product featured on the Cajun in the City online store.
  • An exclusive Cajun in the City episode on a DVD/BlueRay with your ad only.
  • Professional studio photography of your product(s)
  • Autographed photo from Cajun Ken to your business.
  • How to demo videos featuring your product(s).
  • Various event demonstrations throughput the New York City area featuring your product
  • Justin Wilson episode sponsorships available


Chef Cajun Ken writes for the Times Square Chronicles as the Restaurant food review critic. He is the monthly recipe writer for the column Lunch Box Briefcase.

Ken is on the weekly talk show Times Square Beat with Suzanna Bowling and Mr. Showbiz, Mark Nadler.
Times Square Chronicles online readership/viewership is over 1 million per month. It is a monthly paper and sponsors ad is for the entire month.   
Ken’s articles alone receive over 35K views per month.
The Talk Show is slated to be a huge success and Ken will be offering food tastings to the panel using a sponsor’s product or seasonings on air.
A copy of the link will be available for the sponsor to use online and social media.
As a Title Sponsor you will receive an ad in the Times Square Chronicle online version on the food page with Ken.



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